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As an international leader in health and wellness, GrayKo Clinical Consultants, LLC offers health education programs, along with wellness seminars and workshops. With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, a focus on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction, we can help find a plan that fits you best. Your company as a whole will benefit from one of our many programs. Contact our owner-operated company today to learn more about how a personal health consultation can be scheduled to fit with your busy schedule.


Health and Wellness Programs
Help your employees to live better lives at a health and wellness seminar or workshop customized for your unique corporate environment. Each one of our programs is dedicated to educating and promoting the personal well-being of the attendees. Our seminars and workshops can be held at your place of business or another preferred location.


Meeting Your Company Needs
During our wellness seminars, we will review subjects related to the needs and concerns of your company. From stress management to emotional wellness, diet, exercise, and proper dress & hygiene; all in attendance will receive invaluable information. Whatever subjects you request, we will provide the information your company's employees need to lead healthier lives.

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